Refund Policy

Like other companies we do not leave our customers helpless once the product is delivered. In fact, we take up each case as the individual one and our customers have opportunity to apply for the refund. As per your case we might make the refund after deducting some charges for our services. Our Refund Policy works on the following grounds:

• You can apply for refund only within 30 days from the date when product is delivered to you.
• In case you face any issue with the product, then we will not immediately replace the product. First, we will try to fix the problem free of charge and in case we could then we will refund the money (Either full amount or the partial amount).
• You need to be patient as refunded amount may take 7-10 days to be credited in your bank account.

Here we like to mention that the issue for which you are claiming should not differ from the one you mentioned in your complaint mail or agreement.