Terms and Conditions

Once the order is made and accepted by the seller, then the seller has to fulfill the order as per terms and conditions. The order is accepted in two ways, either through acknowledgment copy or through electronic transmission. Delivery of goods is done through CAI or other statement.

It is seller’s responsibility to decide the mode of shipment unless buyer tries to interfere in it and change the method. If that happens then all the responsibility goes to the buyer, other the responsibility lies with the selected carrier.

In case the seller claims verbally that the product is in perfect condition without any defect then please do not take it as his commitment unless you are given it in invoice or in warranty in a written form.

The buyer is liable to pay the taxes and government charges which are added in the invoice. She/he is also accountable for freight cost.

Although, the price of the products is mentioned in dollars but the buyer have to make the payment in BTC only. Buyer can’t keep the payment due or pending, he has to make full payment to get access of the product. And the most important thing is, buyer is answerable for taxes and government charges made on payment.

Buyer is intimated about the estimated date and time of the deliver, the seller is not liable for any loss that may occur to the buyer for the delay in the delivery.

once you have placed the order then you can only cancel it with the consent of the seller as seller has to see what kind of loss he will have to face due to your cancellation. In case the order has already been placed then you need to pay cancellation fee that is 25% of the product value. Remember that you cannot cancel special orders which are non-standard and non-priced. Although, seller can anytime cancel the order without any liability to the buyer if the buyer go against the contract, goes bankrupt or insolvent.

Buyer has to pay the amount of the product within 30 days of the invoice; if you don’t pay the complete amount by them then you need to pay one and a half percent (1.5%) interest or as per law every month. Payment and interest both are to be paid in BTC.

Return of the product is possible within 5 days of the delivery. If you want to return the product you need to give an authentic reason for it in written form with this time period as after that you cannot claim for return.

The terms and conditions and Invoice of the product is like a declaration from the seller and buyer has to agree with whatever written in invoice and terms and condition. In fact seller has all the right to make changes in them at any point of time and buyer can’t go against it.

Our terms and conditions is based on government law and the rules of the country.